Who we help

The Village Co. aim to supply at risk mothers and mothers-to-be with a bag of essentials for both themselves and their new baby.

From our extensive experience, we have formulated a criteria of women we believe are in most need of this gift. Below is a list of the common situations woman may find themselves in and why we have chosen to assist them. 

Domestic Violence:

Some women may find themselves in a situation where they are scared of their partner, the person they should be able to trust the most. These women may be at different points of their journey. They may have already left the situation or could still be living in it.

No matter the stage they are at, they need support and care.

The Village Co. will provide them with a gift to help them financially but also show them that they are cared for, they are worthy of more and should be treated with dignity.


When you have a baby your body goes through many new processes and changes. These changes mean you need items to keep clean and maintain your dignity. Pads, breast pads, soap are but a few items from an extensive list that new mothers need. 

Imagine leaving hospital not knowing where are you going to get pads from, so you need to keep using the same one.

Imagine not knowing how you will change your baby’s nappy because you just used your last one.

No woman should have to choose between personal hygiene products, nappies and food. 

Mental Health Issues:

Mental health issues can come in many forms. During pregnancy, mental health issues can creep in and become an overwhelming burden for women.

It is important for women to have a lot of support and help, so they can rest well and bond with their baby.

This gift from The Village Co. will not remove mental health concerns but it will give women the grace of time to know that they have the essentials they need. 

Drug use:

Illicit drug use is frequently seen in women who are pregnant. These women may be trying to quit, seeking assistance or they may not have even began their journey to sobriety. These women may feel uncomfortable in a hospital setting or they may experience withdrawal symptoms that can cause them to become agitated.

These women require extra support and care from care givers. Providing a gift to them may help alleviate the stress of needing to purchase essential items and allow them to feel supported and cared for with absolutely no judgement.


Some women need to flee their home country and move to a new country where they have no social connections. They have no family and do not speak the language. Imagine how hard this is for women who are pregnant.

In many cultures, the mother or mother-in-law of a pregnant woman fully cares for and supports them as they become a mother. They allow her to rest whilst also educating her on how to care for her baby. But many refugee women do not have the support they have grown to expect when they come to our western society. The Village Co. wants these women to know they aren’t alone in their journey of motherhood and provide them with love in the form of a gift.

Teenage mothers:

Becoming a mother is exciting but so scary too. Being a teenage mother also adds another layer of complexity to this massive life event.

While their friends are out having fun, at school or starting their careers, pregnant teenagers are forced to grow up in an instant and become responsible for someone other than themselves.

There is a lot to learn, there is a lot to prepare for.

The gift from The Village Co. is helpful for these new mums but also provides them with guidance about how they need to prepare.