Chefs on Wheels and The Village Co. have teamed up to provide struggling mothers and their families with a week's worth of pre-made frozen meals delivered to their door at the most crucial time of their parenting journey, when they bring their baby home from hospital. As we all know, gifting a new mother a home cooked meal is the most helpful and heartwarming gift you can receive but the unfortunate reality for many new mothers is that they do not have the village of people around them who will or can do this for them. Vouchers will be supplied to women via The Village Co bags. Women will receive a beautiful gift box containing their voucher in their Village Co bag. The voucher provides an online code women will then use to redeem their food delivery. They will supply their name, delivery address and dietary requirements.

The Impacts

One month funding of ANW =

  • 60 ANW Packs.
  • 420 1.6kg frozen meals.
  • 180 side dishes.
  • 120 sweet treats.
  • 60 families nourished and feed.
  • 60 families not having to cook or buy meals for a week.
  • 60 mothers are able to spend quality time with their newborn and families, establishing breast-feeding and recovering from childbirth.
  • 60 families experiencing generosity and kindness unlike ever before.
  • 60 families being told they are thought of, cared about and valued as a worthy member of the community.

The Benefits:

A Nourished Week will be available to all women who qualify to receive a Village Co bag in metro and rural South Australia. Women and families will be able to eat nutritious food to help them heal post birth as well as spend time with their baby and not be concerned about preparing meals while also easing the financial burden or food poverty. During this COVID-19 crisis, food shortages, reduced access to shops due to isolation and financial strain due to unemployment, providing food and meals to these families has a huge impact on the family at its very core.

You know how the most stressful question every day is what's for dinner? Well we cook dinner so you don't have to. In fact, we cook for over 400 families each and every week so they have more time for the things they love. Chefs on Wheels is very proud to introduce its new social enterprise 'A Nourished Week'. We're now extending the mission of Chefs on Wheels to include the ambitious goal of providing a weeks worth of nourishing meals to Australian families when they need it most. Our collaboration with The Village Co will provide new parents experiencing hardship after the birth of a baby a full week from worrying about what's for dinner.

What is provided

  • 7 x 1.6kg Frozen main meals.
  • Bake-at-home bread
  • 1 x side dish
  • 2 x side of rice
  • 1 x Sweet Pudding
  • 1 x cookie dough

$180 cost per ANW pack to be funded.

Value = $309 per pack.

How to get involved:

Our biggest need is funding for this program. Donations are made to The Village Co. and are Tax Deductible. Corporate packages available, please email thevillageco.org to learn more.

Funding options include:

(Any amount is greatly appreciated and helpful and all donations of $2 or more are accepted)

  • Contribute to one week worth of meals $60
  • FAMILY SPONSOR Feed 1 family for one week: $180.00
  • 2 FAMILIES SPONSOR Feed 2 families for one week: $360.00
  • VILLAGE SPONSOR Feed 30 families for a week: $5400.00
  • BRONZE PARTNERSHIP Feed 60 families for a week (one month): $10800.00
  • SILVER PARTNERSHIP Feed 180 families for a week (Three Months): $32,400.00
  • GOLD PARTNERSHIP Feed 360 families for a week (six months): $64,800.00
  • PLATINUM Feed 720 families for a week (one year): $129,600.00

We would be honoured to have you join our village and nourish families across SA.

Thank you!